Enjoy interaction with the animals of Roatan as we enter a place to interact with them all. Play, hug, touch, and hold, 3 toed Sloths, white face Capuchin monkeys (they’ll jump on your shoulders), Spider monkeys, island parrots, macaws, toucans, kinkajoos, agoutis (island “rabbits”), coatis and occasionally hummingbirds. Make sure your camera’s battery is charged!


After all off these fun activities be ready for more fun at some of the best snorkeling area in roatan We invite you all to come snorkeling on Roatan and experience what many world travellers already know. Discover one of the world's most vibrant and healthy coral reefs via this snorkeling tour by boat, under the watchful eye of a local Roatanian snorkeling guide, who is happy to show you Roatan's best snorkeling spots. Jump in, look down, snorkel among colorful fishes, stunning coral reef and a large variety of marine life.


Take your time as you explore the area at your own pace.



Excursion duration: 4hours


Price per person $69

Monkey And Sloth hangout plus snorkeling adventure in roatan

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